“A star is born” – film review

I first heard of “A star is born” in June, while sitting at the cinema and watching an Amy Schumer movie. The trailer was captivating; would the film live up to my expectations? Absolutely yes. It went completely beyond my expectations if I have to be completely sincere.

“A star is born” is the 4th remake of a film first produced in 1937 and it is Bradley Cooper’s debut as a film director. The third version was released in 1976 and it starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

The plot is very simple and straightforward, it presents the intertwining stories of an aspiring singer, Ally (aka Lady Gaga), and an already well-established musician, Jackson Maine (aka Bradley Cooper). As we see Ally’s career “skyrocketing”, Jackson’s declines because of his struggles with alcoholism and drug misuse.

It could look like an overly-done romantic story, however, it is not. Bradley Cooper, who not only directed the movie but also participated in the script writing process, did an excellent job in keeping the story realistic. The conversations between the two characters are witty and the awkward silences that characterize real-life relationships aren’t left out.

As the film starts we are immediately catapulted in Ally and Jackson’s lives and we very quickly become aware of the problems they face on a daily basis. The “wobbly” close-ups make you feel as if you were literally following the characters around.

What I found particularly interesting was the way musical scenes were directed. Both the use of lights and the choice of shots gave me the impression of watching the DVD of a concert. Every performance felt authentic and Lady Gaga’s interpretation did not fail to impress and move the whole cinema.

The film was an emotional rollercoaster, it started by making the audience laugh and ended by making the audience cry. The music industry is not all fame and money, and this movie proves it.

I would definitely encourage every music lover to watch it.